Halo Infinite Battle Pass progress is tied to challenges and XP • Eurogamer.com

343 says it’s almost impossible to run out of new challenges to do.

343 Industries clarified that Halo Infinite will not reward you with experience when you finish a multiplayer game, as battle pass progress is associated with challenges.

John Junyszek, Halo Community Manager, clarified some of the players’ questions and explained that in Halo Infinite “playing and winning matches will be challenges, which will help players progress in Battle Pass.”

“Even if this means there is no XP per game, you will always be progressing through challenges and hence Battle Pass.”

The company admits it may implement other ways to progress, but for the release of Halo Infinite, challenges are the team’s chosen way to challenge you. In addition, the 343i finds it virtually impossible to run out of challenges. Only the most dedicated and who spend their lives playing games can reach a point where they are without challenges.

Playing and winning matches is the main way to progress as the team believes that this way everyone can enter Halo Infinite and feel that they are progressing.

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