He finished! Duda Reis and businessman Bruno Rudge separate

On a breakup day, another relationship ended without the long-awaited happy ending. This time, it was the story between Duda Reis and Bruno Rudge that came to an end. The couple announced that they were dating in June, and their love affair ended just over two months after they publicly came out.

According to information disclosed this Saturday (28), by journalist Léo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal, sources close to the couple confirmed that Duda and Bruno decided to end their short relationship. Also according to the columnist, the businessman decided to put an end to the story between himself and Nego do Borel’s ex-girlfriend.

After the troubled dating with the funk singer, Duda was left alone until she met the son of the former vice president of Banco Itaú. The two preferred to keep their relationship out of the spotlight for a while, until the digital influencer published a photo of them together celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together.

Even before making the date official for the fans, Duda and Bruno had already been caught several times in an atmosphere of romance. Reserved, the entrepreneur did not like to know that several portals were publishing photos of the couple. Bruno thought that Duda would have leaked the photos on purpose, but the information was not confirmed.

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After practically confirming that they were together and the influencer shared a photo of the couple with their followers, Bruno couldn’t resist and also posted a photo of the two together to celebrate such a special day.. In the photo, both are smiling and hugging.

At the time, after finding that the couple’s record had been leaked and quickly viralized on portals and social networks, Duda was very angry and gave a vent. The influencer commented that her privacy had been invaded and said that she could only regret what happened.

“I was very surprised with this video being posted, after all I didn’t see it recorded. We felt very invaded, we were in a moment of relaxation among friends and games. That’s it. I have nothing to talk about, just regret a situation in which I had my privacy exposed once again.”

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