Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 28, 2021 | Horoscope

The day's horoscope shows the forecast for your sign and ascendant
Marcelo Dallas

The day’s horoscope shows the forecast for your sign and ascendant


Good time for organizing, strategizing and planning. Everything can be made more productive by setting priorities and focusing on the issues that need to be done. The Moon is still in Taurus, it combines forces with Mars, Uranus and Neptune: intuition and inspiration can help you find more practical solutions to realize your projects. Continue to avoid aggressive arguments, invest in quality of life. Remember that the preference is for simplicity, safety and comfort.


The Moon is still in its sign and today it has harmonious aspects: a good time to clean, organize the schedule and plan strategies. Meanwhile, Venus is still in Libra and the Sun is still in Virgo: it’s time to take a more realistic look at love and partnerships. With more objectivity, you can better observe whether or not there is commitment in your relationships. True friendships can solidify. If you act with maturity, openness and diplomacy, you can count on good prospects and opportunities.


Freedom of thought must be respected. The Moon meets Uranus, favoring innovative activities. Continue to guard against fights and arguments, it is important to cultivate a freer and more independent posture. Thankfully, the Moon is still in the peaceful Taurus. It’s worth slowing down to savor comfort and pleasure. Take the opportunity to cultivate gratitude and positive thinking to lift your spirits. Remember, it is also essential to cultivate integrity and honesty for abundance to manifest.


The Moon remains in Taurus, indicating that the preference is for comfort, safety, durable goods and products that offer a guarantee. It is worth adopting a more practical and objective attitude towards life, realizing what should be improved, transformed or recycled. A good time to get moving, take care of your health and make improvements. Try to make room for more constructive, consistent, lasting and true things. Also prefer to deal with subjects that inspire higher ideals.


Your flexibility and social skills remain in the spotlight so you can review the messy spots in negotiations and exchanges. Be open to answering questions, explaining, understanding and listening better and aligning interests to strengthen your partnerships. The Moon remains in peaceful Taurus, put aside arguments and criticisms too, to avoid conflicts. It is also worth leaving behind situations that no longer make sense and are no longer in keeping with your consciousness in order to connect with higher ideals.


The Moon is still in Taurus, you deserve breaks to pamper yourself and do something to your liking. Pay attention to what your body asks for. Moon and Uranus indicate a period of mental restlessness and possible changes in the planes. It’s good to cultivate autonomy and freedom to move, preferably in large spaces or close to nature. The Moon also combines with Mars, favoring initiatives in the name of health and quality of life. You can walk alone, to expend energy and reflect on life.


Good morning to connect with what is good for you. The Moon follows in Taurus: take the opportunity to cultivate kindness and love, leave behind resentments and open your heart in the name of harmony. The comfort, the warmth of home, a good meal and the simple pleasures that life offers gain a special flavor. With Sun in Virgo, you can organize the house or schedule, develop goals and strategies for the week. Even so, try to plan a more relaxed routine to also enjoy the good moments of leisure.


This is no time to accumulate appointments. In the middle of the end of a solar cycle, try to establish priorities. The Moon remains in Taurus, favoring contact with nature, feet on the ground and objectivity. Better to leave fights and debates aside. Watch your ego. You can take the opportunity to tidy up your home or workplace, tidy up and make improvements in general. Good morning to take care of your health, enjoy healthy things and socialize with the people you love.


The ability to set practical goals remains in evidence with Sun, Mercury and Mars in Virgo. Count on more lucidity and clarity to deal with everyday matters. However, leave the contentious issues aside. You can cultivate stability and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. With Moon in Taurus, prefer milder activities, take the opportunity to offer affection and attention. Everything can change for the better, just a little friendliness. Clear any doubts generously.


The Moon remains in Taurus and makes harmonious aspects today, promising a more dynamic and productive day. Take the opportunity to organize yourself, it’s worth investing in general improvements, ordering your home or workplace, organizing your schedule, making a list of priorities. But avoid making great demands, both on yourself and on others. Beware of controlling, critical, or aggressive postures. You can cultivate a more flexible and independent posture. Invest in personal care and quality of life.


There is a need to be more flexible, to let life flow. The moment also favors good organizations. Try to slow down, cultivate simplicity, humility and kindness. Take the opportunity to clean and tidy up, take care of the health of the body and relationships. But beware of charges, conflicts and discussions! Peace, respect and solidarity must come above all else. Good period for assimilating new concepts too. It’s time to broaden your vision to understand more about life.


If at some point you’ve been deluded, now you can analyze situations and see things as they are, with more realism. You can also think of practical ways to fulfill your inspirations. The Moon follows in practical Taurus, you can slow down to cultivate pleasure and reflect on life, on how you can grow. Are your dreams too far from reality? One step at a time, you can succeed. Remember to cultivate warmth and gratitude too, so you can attract good opportunities.