Horoscope of the Day: Forecasts for August 29, 2021 | Horoscope

The day's horoscope shows the forecast for your sign and ascendant
Marcelo Dallas

The day’s horoscope shows the forecast for your sign and ascendant


The Moon follows in Taurus in the morning and combines with Mercury, favoring communication. It’s worth studying, researching, talking, clearing up doubts before making important decisions or making important purchases. In the early afternoon, the Moon enters the curious Gemini: with keen curiosity, activities related to communication are still favored, you can update information with more adaptability. It’s a pleasure to try something new. Use Sunday to invest in creative activities too!


It’s worth completing tasks and getting on with what’s already started, while taking the time to take care of yourself. The Moon in your sign in the first part of the day and in the early afternoon enters Gemini. Curiosity and the desire to interact grows. It’s good to make a priority list. To help, the Moon goes in harmony with Mercury. Count on more stability in relationships, you can calmly align interests and commitments. It is worth scheduling relaxing and pleasurable activities.


Interviews, business and exchanges in general are favored. The Moon combines with Mercury, favoring negotiations, walks and displacements. In the early afternoon, the Moon enters its sign: a greater stimulus for curiosity, the desire to dialogue, interact and update information. Mercury is already preparing to enter Libra, the friendliness can attract new opportunities. Be open to good contacts! Invest in high, loving and artistic expression to win over customers and employees.


Moon in Taurus continues in Taurus in the morning, prefer to invest in subjects that you already know well and that offer security. Everything that represents practicality and comfort is favored. Avoid impulsive decisions or purchases, invest in self-care, organization, cleanliness and hygiene, as the Sun follows in Virgo. In the early afternoon, the Moon enters Gemini, you become more talkative and restless. Count with more expressiveness. Good morning for conversations, studies and updating of information.


Take advantage of this period to improve what is already in progress and prepare, exchange ideas and prepare the next projects. The Moon remains off course, asking for more perseverance, dedication and commitment. Prefer to carry out the task with calm, attention and affection. It’s also worth prioritizing issues, doing one thing at a time, instead of shooting all over the place. Try to remain open to perceive the needs of those close to you in order to align interests and make the necessary adjustments.


In the morning it’s good to slow down, the Moon remains in Taurus during the day. It’s worth taking a little lighter on the requirements. Both with himself and with colleagues. Communication-related activities are favored. Moon and Mercury favor studies, clarity and expansion of consciousness. The dedication and commitment you show now will yield good results throughout the week. Continue to invest in improving your projects, service quality or product finish.


It’s worth leaving more time for you. The Moon remains in Taurus during the first part of the day: you can invest in beauty and relaxation treatments, walks in pleasant places and pampering in general. It is time to adjust plans, finalize matters and find new solutions to possible impasses. Furthermore, the Moon combines forces with Mercury, favoring good contacts and good agreements, promising new opportunities in relationships and finances. You can make good partnerships.


Good time to see what needs to be improved or finalized once and for all. In the morning, it is good to take time to internalize, reflect to resolve confusion, define issues and priorities. Be open to good exchanges and good dialogues! Today the Moon aligns with Mercury and enters Gemini. You can study, prepare the most important topics and disclosures, which can be activated today and during the next week. Mercury and Pluto are still in harmony, inspiring the desire to research and deepen issues.


Save time to get informed, research, ask, clarify doubts. With Moon in Taurus in the first part of the day, you can invest in your well-being, in your comfort. Also invest in simplicity, practicality, and avoid giving opinions on subjects you do not know well. Retrograde Jupiter calls for more professionalism and perseverance. To help, the Moon remains in harmony with Mercury: count on more understanding, good conversations, good ideas and good contacts for more opportunities.


Try not to leave room for pessimism, criticism and backbiting. Prefer to roll up your sleeves and demonstrate dedication at work, set your example, persevere and trust. The Moon is still in Taurus in the morning, it’s good to relax and slow down. Furthermore, Lua aligns with Mercury: remain open to align interests with customers and partners. The mind is sharpened, the capacity to broaden the vision, learn new things, promote corrections, cures, transformations and changes grows.


You can rethink old ideas and delve into some subject.: Good to improve your work, without giving rise to pessimism and discussions, no rush, anxiety or rush. It is important to communicate with openness, lightness and warmth. The Moon aligns with Mercury and joins Gemini in the early afternoon: with warmth and commitment, you can interest customers and partners. Also take the opportunity to plan walks, walks, light and pleasant conversations with friends.


New understandings in matters with partners, partners and employees are still on the agenda. Mars confronts Neptune, asking him to slow down so he can better align with his intuition. Avoid impulsive decisions. In the early afternoon, with the Moon already in Gemini, you can talk, clarify doubts, express ideas and feelings better. But there is a tendency for dispersion. It is worth noting new ideas that arise, organizing the agenda, avoiding more serious discussions. Invest in lightness!