Host says Corinthians is following in Cruzeiro’s footsteps

(Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag

The host Milton Neves, from Band, stated that the Corinthians are following the steps of cruise, approaching bankruptcy. Even in debt, the São Paulo club is investing heavily in hiring. Timo got it right in recent weeks with Giuliano and Renato Augusto. Rger Guedes is also close to being announced.

“Even though Coringo owed something close to 1 billion reais, Coringo went shopping and brought Giuliano and Renato Augusto. They have already given a special “spice” to the team, which is already playing clearly better. the announcement of striker Rger Guedes, who was very successful at Palmeiras and Atltico, before going to China. Oh, and from what they’ve been saying around, Willian will be able to wear the alvinegra shirt again soon too,” said the presenter, on your blog at Uol.

“Is it really worth spending the money you don’t have to strengthen a team that is far from fighting for the Brazilian title? And that is unlikely to reach until the G-4? Yes, even because we only have one spot in the G-4, now what athletic, Flamengo and palm trees are already practically guaranteed in this select group. And the high salaries, who pays? , Timo, it was better to mirror yourself in Flamengo’s example than in the cruise, see?”, added Milton Neves.

Cruzeiro became the example not to be followed in Brazil. The club from Minas Gerais has a debt of almost R$ 1 billion and saw the revenues fall in the series B. With the help of partners, the board tries to catch up on salaries, in addition to facing a large number of labor lawsuits in court.

Former club managers, Wagner Pires de S, Itair Machado and Srgio Nonato are rus na Justice for crimes against Cruzeiro. It was in their management that the club fell to the second division and accumulated almost priceless debt.