Hurricane Ida: New Orleans orders evacuation while preparing for possible direct impact

Satellite image of Hurricane Ida over Cuba

Credit, National Weather Service

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Hurricane Ida is expected to hit the US on Sunday

The New Orleans mayor has ordered neighborhoods unprotected from flooding to be evacuated as the city prepares for a possible direct impact from a storm stronger than Hurricane Katrina, which left a trail of destruction exactly 16 years ago.

“What I’m told is this storm isn’t going to fade,” Mayor LaToya Cantrell said on Saturday (8/8).

Hurricane Ida intensified in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico before its arrival on the southern coast of the United States, scheduled for Sunday (29/8).

Mandatory evacuation is in effect for some parts of New Orleans—those outside the dike-protected areas—while for the rest of the city, a voluntary evacuation order has been issued.