‘I chose to marry, have children and I am attacked’

Maria Lina Deggan, ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes, vented on Instagram this Saturday (28) after having her foray into her career as an influencer criticized. She showed a comment from a netizen telling her to give up because there’s no way to be an influencer, and said:

“I’m trying hard, giving my best. I’m not going to give up or stop. It’s what I want, what I chose to do with my life, and I’m going to continue. I’m going to keep messing with my hair, saying the things I say It’s my way, I’m genuinely true, that’s me. Who doesn’t like me just don’t follow me. I don’t force anyone to stay here, I don’t beg anyone to stay here. That’s me for real.”

Then, the girl from Santa Catarina said that regardless of what she decides to do in life, she continues to be attacked: “I chose to get married, have children, take care of my family, take care of my house. I chose that for myself and I still get attacked. I would be attacked. attacked in any way. If I chose to dance, be a singer, if I chose anything else, I would be attacked. For us to be judged, it’s enough to be a woman. This is absurd,” she blurted out.

Maria and Whindersson Nunes became engaged during their son’s revealing tea in March. Baby João Miguel was born prematurely in May, at just 22 weeks, dying two days later. Three months after his son’s death, the comedian put an end to the relationship.

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