‘I didn’t go to the living room’ · TV News

Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, arrived in the United States this Sunday (29). On social networks, the economist celebrated the arrival, without any hassles, to the country where he will do his PhD. “I didn’t go to the living room”, joked the ex-BBB who will study at the University of California, in reference to the place where immigration agents question suspicious passengers.

“I arrived. I didn’t go to the special room, I thought I was going, but I didn’t. They just told me to wait, but I was fine. I just went through immigration and now I just have to wait,” he said in Stories. “What matters is that I’m here and that my visa is stamped,” he added.

Gil also said that he was able to communicate in the local language. “It’s a beautiful place. I spoke English with several people, I’m very happy because people understood,” said the economist, who left for the country this Saturday (27) at the Guarulhos International Airport, in Greater São Paulo.

At the airport, he was photographed with his mother, Jacira Santana, and his sister, Juliana Nogueira. The Pernambuco native cried during the last hug with his family. “Guys, I’m boarding. I’ve already cried everything, said goodbye to my mother, Juliana and my friends. Let’s go, now it’s the servant’s victory.”

Hired by Globo, the economist will continue with the financial tips board at Mais Você. The participations, however, will now be recorded virtually. Nogueira’s forecast is to stay in California for four to six years, with visits to Brazil during this period.

“I’ve already divided my time, my priority is my studies, but I’ll take it once a week to be effective. I’ll be effective every Saturday, I’ll prepare my content, continue with my advertisements because now I’m chic, earning a lot of money, thank God,” explained Gil during his participation in the Super Dança dos Famosos.