“I’m ready”: Lucas Lima can paint in the next Leão’s duel; half took a stand on controversies at Palmeiras

Fortaleza lives a special moment, that’s a fact. Surprising presentations, interesting game ideas, emanating from Juan Pablo Vojvoda and leading role at the top of the Brasileirão table. In addition to the remarkable season played so far, Pici experiences news, and one of them is its newest hire, Lucas Lima, officially presented by Tricolor this Saturday (28).

The midfielder is already regularized, and can paint in the lineup of Leão next Monday (30), when the team faces Cuiabá, at Arena Castelão. The player commented on his arrival on the Atomic Jangada: “I really celebrated the hit. I hope to debut as soon as possible. I’m happy for everyone’s reception. I’m sure I made the right choice. The main thing was the conversation I had with the president, as soon as he called me he started our conversation. Crispim motivated me, said it was very good, that the crowd was big, that the club is big”, declared the player.

Lucas Lima also addressed how he was welcomed into the team, as well as the first conversations about how he can strengthen the team: “I think the best way for me to add is to work hard with my teammates. Offering to the teacher and the team my characteristics on the field. With a lot of humility and work. I spoke to the teacher and he told me to be happy, to play as I always did, within the team. I am experienced and I hope to help in the best way”.

During the presentation, the controversies and storms that the player experienced at Palmeiras did not pass. The midfielder didn’t dodge and blurted out: “I’ve always been very professional. Some things that happened to me at Palmeiras I didn’t expose myself at the time and don’t even mention it. But they took it the wrong way. I made mistakes and I accept my mistakes. But I’ve always been a professional, a worker, a group. This is what I have to offer”, emphasized Lucas Lima.

About his conditions to debut with the Fortaleza shirt, the midfielder went straight to the point and exposed a personal question: “Palmeiras had very intense training. Even though I played little there, I had been training hard, I had been dedicating myself. I’m ready. My name came out at the IDB. Hope to help as soon as possible. Sensational here. I was very well received. The affection on social media, coaching staff, president, players. Looking forward to debut to bring joy to the fans. It’s a chance to prove my worth” – concludes.