In one week, 3 series arrive with final seasons on Netflix

In the days that mark the end of August and the beginning of September, Netflix fans can prepare for a big marathon. After all, this week will feature the debut of the final seasons of 3 very popular series: Good Girls (which arrives on August 31st), The 100 (on September 1st) and, finally, La Casa de Papel (September 3rd). ).

Good Girls, while not an original Netflix production, is an extremely popular series on the platform. The production follows the story of three friends who end up involved in the world of crime.

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The 100 is a post-apocalyptic series, set after a cataclysmic event that devastates the world’s population. The CW production was aired between 2014 and 2020, with 7 seasons and 100 episodes.

La Casa de Papel, meanwhile, is Netflix’s most popular Spanish production. Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the final season, which will be split into two parts.

See below for everything you need to know about the final return of Good Girls, The 100 and La Casa de Papel on Netflix.

The ending of Good Girls

As we’ve already mentioned, the final season of Good Girls premieres on Netflix on August 31st. The original airing of the final episodes took place between March and July 2021. In other words, the production arrives on the platform shortly after the broadcast of its outcome.

The final season of Good Girls had 16 episodes, being much longer than previous seasons. The ending, for the most part, pleased fans of the series.

The main cast of Good Girls is Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Retta (Parks and Recreation), Mae Whitman (Scott Pilgrim), Reno Wilson (Transformers), Manny Montana (Graceland) and Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo).

The final season of The 100

Originally airing between May and September 2020, The 100’s final season also featured 16 episodes, offering an ending that divided fan opinion.

The seventh and final season begins with the inhabitants of Sanctum trying to find a new way to live in peace after the shocking events of season six, such as the return of the Dark Commander.

At the same time, protagonist Clarke comes into contact with the mysterious Disciples, humans from another world convinced that the character holds the key to victory in a terrible war.

The final episodes also explore the nature of the mysterious Anomaly introduced in season six.

The final season of The 100 premieres on Netflix on September 1st.

The beginning of the end of La Casa de Papel

Finally, Netflix has confirmed the premiere of the final season of La Casa de Papel for September 3rd.

It is worth remembering that the final season of La Casa de Papel was divided into two parts. The first part, with 5 episodes, is the one that arrives in the first week of September.

The last 5 episodes, which will mark the final outcome of the production, debut on Netflix only on December 3rd.

While the final episodes of the series do not premiere, check out the subtitled trailers of the last seasons of Good Girls, The 100 and La Casa de Papel below.