In the last maneuver, Rayssa Leal is champion of the Salt Lake City stage of the World Skate Street

Rayssa Leal, only 13 years old, was highlight of Team Brazil at the Tokyo Olympics in July this year and remains a reference in skateboarding. This Saturday night (28), she was champion of the Salt Lake City stage of the World Skate Street League. The dispute was dramatic and confirmation of the title came only in the last maneuver, achieving a sensational score of 8.5 to get the trophy.

Last to appear during the finals of the day, she saw her opponents take the top of the table before entering the track, and needing an 8.3 at the end to overtake Japanese Funa Nakayama, Fadinha did so well that she ended up exceeding the goal. and received an 8.5 from the judges of the event.

The maneuver had been so spectacular that even before the judges’ score was released, Rayssa was already celebrating with her team, making sure she had done a feat far above and necessary to reach the top of the podium.

Another Brazilian who also disputed the trophy, Pâmela Rosa finished sixth in the standings with 16.4 points won in the final.

Check out the standings for the Salt Lake City stage final:
Rayssa Leal (BRA) – 21.0
Funa Nakayama (JAP) – 20.7
Roos Zwetsloot (HOL) – 19.6
Pink Pamela (BRA) – 16.4
Keet Oldenbeuving (HOL) – 12.5
Mariah Duran (USA) – 12.3
Momiji Nishiya (JAP) – 10.6
Candy Jacobs (HOL) – 6.9