in which is it worth leaving the money yielding?

It is a fact that digital accounts have become popular in Brazil offering modernity, good conditions and convenience for customers. In addition, the new type of accounts has become an excellent investment alternative, yielding more than savings. So where is it worth leaving the money yielding, at the PicPay or Nubank?

Nowadays, the process to invest your stagnant money is much less bureaucratic than it was a few years ago. One of the attractions of digital accounts is the offer of a yield at 100% of the CDI.

After all, what is CDI?

The Interbank Deposit Certificate (CDI) is related to interest on loan transactions between financial institutions. You fixed income investments use the CDI as a basis.

For example, if the CDI is 2.65% per annum, the fixed income yield will have this same adjustment percentage. In general numbers, if you invest R$1,200.00, the total amount after one year will be R$1,217.16. In this way, with the 100% CDI yield, your money would yield R$17.16.

See if it’s better to leave your money on PicPay or Nubank

Here we will compare two alternatives that have been much sought after by bank customers in Brazil. PicPay and Nubank are two great investment alternatives as they both have yield based on the Interbank Deposit Certificate rate.

Comparing the two options, however, PicPay proves to be a more profitable investment. That’s because it guarantees a yield of 150% of the CDI. Meanwhile, at Nubank the money yields 100% of the CDI. In both cases, daily liquidity is considered.

Nubank has other long-term investment options, where your money will be unavailable for a certain time, with investments that pay off as follows:

  • Investment for three months: yielding 102% of the CDI;
  • Investment for six months: yielding 104% of the CDI;
  • Investment for nine months: yielding 106% of the CDI;
  • Investment for one year: yielding 112% of the CDI.

For further details on how to leave money on PicPay or Nubank, consult the digital bank of your choice.