Internet users rescue Marcos Mion and Luciano Huck’s fight over pizza delivery · TV News

After exchanging compliments between Marcos Mion and Luciano Huck in a live held on Saturday (28), netizens rescued a fight the presenters had in 2014. At the time, Huck accused his now successor at Caldeirão of having copied a painting involving the delivery of pizzas. The then presenter of Record countered that he had bought an Israeli format and that Angelica’s husband had committed plagiarism.

On April 12, 2014, Mion debuted the painting Legendários na Sua Casa on her program on Record. In the segment, he would go to a pizzeria, answer phone calls and then deliver surprise pizzas to customers’ homes. “Delivering pizza? Sounds familiar to me,” Luciano Huck, who had done the same painting at Caldeirão before, pointed out on Twitter.

Suzana Gullo’s husband did not accept the silent provocation. “Lu, we bought this format from [produtora israelense] Armoza! Record invested [pela] first time! Let me be a little happy,” snapped Mion.

Not satisfied, the then presenter of Legendários insisted on the matter. “Repeating: we bought this format from those who created it. Israeli producer. We don’t copy!”, wrote the artist, referring to the international painting called Special Delivery.

The exchange of barbs was revived this weekend to show that their relationship was not always so friendly, but Mion himself had already refused any animosity with Huck at the time of the discussion. “They turned this story into a war! Stop it, for love! I adore Luciano Huck,” he wrote.

Angelica’s husband presented his latest edition of Caldeirão on Saturday (28). Starting next week, Mion will command the attraction. Huck, on the other hand, will take over Domingão the following day, taking the place occupied by Fausto Silva for 32 years.

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