It is now possible to re-check whether a PC is compatible with Windows 11

Today (27), Microsoft announced that it will no longer prevent computers with unsupported processors from running Windows 11, but that wasn’t the only new feature in the package: the PC Health Check program is back, now in testing period , but with a much more accurate diagnosis for the user.

The program can be tried by users subscribed to the Windows Insider program and, this time, it lets the user know exactly what prevents the computer from downloading and installing Windows 11 via Windows Update.

When the system was officially unveiled, MS also released the PC Health Check so anyone could check if their machine was compatible with the new OS. However, not everything turned out as expected, as the program was not as useful when it encountered an incompatibility: despite making the diagnosis, the app was unable to reveal the exact cause of rejection, leaving users wondering what to do to change that state.

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The program has the same face as before, the news is in its functioning (Capture: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

Microsoft promised to release a patch to the app in the same week — and some employees even made an updated version available on their personal Twitter profiles. Even after the adjustment, however, problems persisted in most cases, and then the giant decided to take the app offline.

The diagnosis shows both what went wrong and what went right in the compatibility check (Capture: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

Diagnosis is more useful

Suppose your computer has the TPM 2.0 module activated, has modern components and is very robust in performance. If Secure Boot (or “Secure Boot” in English) is not enabled in the BIOS, the machine will not be ready to update. Before, the PC Health Check only pointed out the incompatibility, without any explanation, however, in the newly released version, it will warn you exactly what the problem is and indicate a solution.

Releasing the program first for Windows Insider members gives Microsoft time off to test and gather user feedback. At the time of the OS presentation, it wasn’t possible to pass the app through a public battery of tests, as Win 11 was a secret until the time of announcement — if the program went into testing sooner, it would spoil the surprise.

At the same time, Microsoft also releases adaptations of the program to run on 32-bit OSs, ARM processors and on machines running Windows 10 in S-mode.

How to tell if a PC is compatible with Windows 11

To try the program, you must be a member of Windows Insider. If you are already a tester, just download the program from its official page.

For now, Windows 11 remains without a release date. The operating system is expected to be released in October for new computers, while the free Windows 10 upgrade would only ship in 2022.

Source: Microsoft

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