Ivete Sangalo reveals that she would record a feat with Juliette, BBB champion

Ivete Sangalo, 49, decided to chat with her fans before a live presentation this afternoon to talk about her music career. Among the questions, the singer was asked if she would make a feat (partnership) with Juliette Freire, champion of “BBB 21” who is launching herself as a singer, and says that anything can happen.

Through stories on Instagram, the artist opened the famous question and answer box with the title: ‘Ask a question’. A follower then asked if she ‘ever thought about doing a feat with Juliette’.

Ivete Sangalo says she would feat with Juliette Freire - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Ivete Sangalo says she would feat with Juliette Freire

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Ivete revealed that she has not yet had the opportunity to meet Juliette Freire, but praised the ex-BBB’s musical taste and did not rule out the possibility of recording together.

“Look, I haven’t met Juliette in person, but we watched Juliette so much that we know a lot of her, which is so important, right? She’s very beautiful. We already like it from afar, without knowing it closely, we already love it. I’ve seen Juliette singing so beautiful, in tune, with a good taste in interpretation. She likes music, right? Who knows, right, one day we’ll meet and do a good singing,” she said.

The singer was also asked about the chance of releasing a DVD in 2021 and stated that the project is being prepared for release – however, there is no date for disclosure.

While we are preparing this idea, I will release this musical doc in November, I will release the EP for “Música Boa” (from Multishow). I mean, there’s a lot of good stuff going on and we’re looking forward to what time and time to release it. It will be very high level.

“This stage is my home”

Confirmed as one of the attractions of Rock In Rio, Ivete Sangalo used social media to celebrate and said she feels at home in one of the most anticipated events in Brazil.

In an Instagram post, the singer posted a video and talked about the event next year. “Rock in Rio this stage is my home. Let’s go with everything!!”, wrote Ivete.