IZA poses in a bikini and celebrities praise the singer’s butt

IZA moved the social networks last Friday (27) by sharing a photo of how she would like to be on the weekend. In the registry, the singer appears wearing a bikini with a ‘zebrinha’ print, which further highlighted its beautiful curves. The publication even garnered numerous compliments from the artist’s famous friends.

“A lot of beauty in one being”, said the presenter Sabrina Sato. “Pareeeeeee”, shot the actress Isis Valverde, adding a fire emoji. “Stop being beautiful”, wrote the presenter eliana. “Real cat”, praised the actress Monique Alfradique. “Wow…”, commented the actress Juliana Paes. “That’s it,” said the singer Ludmilla.

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And the success of IZA’s publication was no small thing. In the click, she posed in full on the edge of a beach, highlighting the large butt and a lot of beauty. At the Instagram, the post already has more than 757,000 likes so far. The queen deserves it right?

IZA was confirmed at Rock In Rio and was very happy

In addition to the success on social media, with its beautiful photos, IZA is one of the greatest singers in the country. The proof of this is that this month, the famous was confirmed as one of the attractions of Rock In Rio.

Through social networks, the artist celebrated the news and did not hide her happiness. For this, she shared a photo from 2011, when she was at the festival, to enjoy the concert by singer Rihanna.

“In morals… IN MERMORAL MORALS?! GOD IS SINISTER! This is me at the end of September 23, 2011, post Rihanna’s show, with my ticket in hand. 10 years ago I had no idea what was to come and this stage already meant a lot to me. Today I’m thrilled to announce that on September 4, 2022 I’m going to sing for you from above. On the World Stage of the City of Rock. Don’t give up on your dreams, because God is great at surprising us and His plans are always better than ours.”, she wrote, moved.

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