Juliette is spotted for the second time with Anitta’s ex at dinner; Look

Juliette Freire and her friend, Anitta. Photo: Reproduction

The world really turns and who is going through a new phase is Juliette Freire, completely in love. Ex-sister of Big Brother Brasil 21 and millionaire, the woman from Paraíba is living an alleged affair with Anitta’s partner. The most curious thing about the story is that the boy is also the ex-boyfriend of the funkeira carioca.

Daniel Trovejani, a businessman, has already been caught in an atmosphere of intimacy with Juliette Freire. Anitta’s ex-boyfriend, who now invests in ex-reality, proved to be very close to the beauty. In the images of a paparazzi, it is possible to see the star wearing a bikini and leaning on the boy’s waist while taking a hose bath.

The affair between Daniel Trovejani and Juliette at the time was confirmed by Fábia Oliveira, columnist for O DIA. The first meeting was apparently good, because after months they decided to repeat the dose. Recently, Freire and Anitta’s partner met again, at a special dinner. The video posted on Instagram Stories has already been deleted, however, we didn’t let it go and we rescued the moment.

Luis Restiffe, who is also a businessman from São Paulo, previously denied having an affair with Juliette Freire and for this reason there is no doubt that Daniel is the new love of the popstar. You dear reader must want to know who Daniel Trovejani is, so this journalist who writes to you explains. Anitta’s manager and partner is simply the executive director of Grupo Rodamoinho, the record company that will release Juliette’s first album as a singer.

Anitta’s ex-boyfriend, Daniel Trovejani, is to this day one of her best friends. No wonder you were handpicked to work with the powerful in your company. In 2016, the boy has even appeared in the Confidential Archives, paying homage to the funkeira, in the extinct Domingão do Faustão on Globo.

Juliette is spotted for the second time with anitta's ex at dinner;  Look
Juliette and Anitta’s ex. Photo: Reproduction

For Big Brother Brasil fans, who believe that Freire is shy or has his love life at a standstill, they are wrong. Juliette always got whoever she wanted, from manager, singer and even actor. The woman from Paraíba who still declares herself single, has already become engaged to Max Lira. Entrepreneur Álvaro Ramos also dated the famous woman and the photo that went viral on the internet was that of Juliette with singer Ranniery Gomes, where the former couple appeared kissing.

Another video that hit the internet was with businessman Fred Perusin. The two kissing in a restaurant, coincidence or not, the boy also knows Sarah Andrade and has already worked with Fiuk, singer and finalist for Big Brother Brasil. Even a former Globo actor, who is currently in Genesis, from Record, stayed with Juliette. Thiago Rodrigues confirmed the story that the millionaire told in the most guarded house in Brazil.

The release of Juliette’s new album is near. Through the Instagram feed, the global phenomenon posted a black-and-white video. On record, Freire, who will release 6 new songs, reads a text inviting fans to listen to his new work. At Criança Esperança, he sang solo, and also gave a show in partnership with Wesley Safadão.