Juliette’s fan tattoos song titles from the BBB21 champion’s first album

Bença, Diferença Mara, Doce, Sei Lá, Benzim and Vixe que Gostoso are the first songs to be officially released by Juliette on her first EP. The cacti, as fans of the BBB21 champion call themselves, went wild with the setlist, released two weeks ago, and one of them even tattooed the title of the songs on his arm.

A fan from Minas Gerais made a point of recording in her body the six songs that make up Juliette’s work as a singer. On social networks, the photo posted by tattoo artist Alex Bruno went viral and divided opinions. Many considered the attitude extreme, but others praised the tribute paid to Paraiba.

“How does someone have the courage to get a tattoo for Juliette?”, asked a netizen. “Imagine the mother carrying her daughter for nine months, creating with all her love and her getting a tattoo in honor of Juliette?”, joked another. “Have you ever thought if the lyrics of the tracklist paper are not Juliette’s? Poor fan who got this tattoo”, commented a third.

On Instagram, the ex-BBB has been sharing the backstage of the new project. “Singing, I perceive myself and find myself in this enchantment. Here I am, undressed for you. I let go of all my facets to take on what I most want. To be Juliette, simply and purely Juliette. And I put everything I am and want to be in my corner.”

“He carries my story and my brands. May the words bring lightness as they covered me with peace. I surrender on a road that I have never set foot on and the first steps of this walk are wings that I gained along with you. I invite you to fly with me!” he wrote in his most recent post.

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