Kaio Jorge: After Cristiano Ronaldo left Juventus, ex-Santos becomes a joke on the web: ‘I didn’t even have time to get the zap’ | Manchester United

Former Saints, Kaio Jorge has become the hot topic on social media in recent days. That’s because, shortly after the Brazilian striker was announced in the youth, Cristiano Ronaldo left the Italian team and signed with Manchester United in a comeback in the ball market.

After being made official at Velha Senhora, the 19-year-old player did not hide his admiration and desire to learn from the Portuguese ace. “In those early days (at Juventus) Cristiano helped me, he is a fantastic person. I will learn a lot from him, on and off the field.. He’s always the first to arrive to train and I’m really happy to be with him,” he said.

With Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United, netizens didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of the ex-Menino da Vila. On Twitter, for example, the athlete’s name appeared on Trending Topics this Saturday morning (28).

Users also compared Kaio Jorge’s situation to that of Sergio Aguero, who didn’t have a chance to team up with Messi at Barcelona, ​​as the Argentine idol signed with Paris Saint-Germain for two seasons.

At least Kaio Jorge was able to take a picture (with CR7)“, joked a fan on the web. “Poor Kaio who thought he was going to play for Cristiano Ronaldo’s team,” posted another, also on Twitter.

See the repercussion below: