Karol Conká bombs the web after a cover at Altas Horas

At the end of this Saturday night (28), Karol Conka was among the guests at High hours, where he spoke with Serginho Groismann about how this new phase in his career is going, after everything that happened.

“I am very happy to be here, thank you very much. I love your show, I love you, so it’s a privilege to step in here and show my art. I think the world and Brazil understood that this is a moment that I went through. There are still people who see me with bad eyes and I really understand”, the girl began saying.

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The singer even surprised when she said that she is not leaving the house. “I haven’t been going out, I wasn’t much for going out anymore, right? With the pandemic I don’t go out anymore, I got a little hazy and ended up at the BBB… Now I left and I’ve been working a lot with my new album, my work. But I don’t feel comfortable going out”, stated Karol.

“I still feel a little cornered by the bad attitudes I had, I think it’s over for people, but for me it’s an internal thing that I need to work on better”, she said, which revealed that it’s a kind of panic she ended up creating. “I have been feeling more confident to face the world”, said. Soon after, Karol covered Amy Winehouse’s song Back To Black and was highly praised. Check out the repercussion: