Kevin’s widow, Deolane Bezerra now wants to be a DJ: “Follow the legacy”

Widow of funk artist MC Kevin, Deolane Bezerra announces her artistic career as of November, with her debut at a party that promises to be bombastic. The new DJ says she dedicates everything to the deceased fiancé. According to the lawyer, the new profession will not replace the passion for law.

“Whoever thinks that this is to make money is wrong. I have a good financial life long before I met Kevin. The artistic career came naturally and my call is to follow Kevin’s legacy”, he says.


Since the singer’s death, in May this year, Deolane’s name has appeared frequently on social networks. According to the lawyer, it will not be the first time that it will be necessary to come back after the adversity: “I had to learn hard when I left the Northeast as a child with my sisters and my mother to earn a living in São Paulo. This made me learn and take a liking to new challenges. Allied to all this, I have entrepreneurs who are extremely visionary, so you’ve seen it, right”, he jokes.

In an exclusive interview for the Leo Dias column, Deolane said she imagined how Kevin would receive the news of this new artistic journey: “Given the quality of the work that I will present to the market, I’m sure he would be proud to see me shining in the stage. Kevin liked to see everyone happy, and if it makes me happy, he would certainly be happy.”