“love” relationship has expensive sneakers and flowers

If there is a love affair that is turning into a serious relationship in the artistic world, it is between Marcos Mion and Boninho. Since hiring the presenter by Globo, about a month ago, the two have been giving a show of love and friendship on social networks. The friendship, however, is very recent and was passion at first conversation. Although they already know each other professionally, the two never bonded and had never exchanged many words.

The relationship between Mion and Boninho started to happen at the beginning of the year when the director tried to take Mion to Globo to present No Limite. Despite having been dismissed by Record, the former presenter at the Fazenda was still hired by the broadcaster, which did not release Mion to go to the competition. The conversation did not go forward and Boninho selected André Marques to present the reality show.

The two got closer again when Fausto Silva decided to leave Globo and the station anticipated the end of the contract in practically six months. With Luciano Huck’s vacancy open, Mion’s name came back to make sense to Boninho, who sought out the presenter again. After the agreement between him and Globo, the director became Mion’s great mentor and became the presenter’s best childhood friend.

Boninho and Mion speak every day until the wee hours of the morning. When he is in Rio, the presenter is escorted all the time by Ana Furtado’s husband. The two have lunch together at a Japanese restaurant in the Village Mall, in Barra, and are already planning family outings. Artistic director of Caldeirão, Boninho is following everything that involves his new friend up close. Despite having good directors, he insists on being in every step of the creation of the new program.

The flowers Boninho sent to the presenter on his first day of recording are nothing like the luxury sneakers that the new pupil gave the Big Boss.

The chemistry between the two is such that, backstage at Globo, there is much talk that Mion took the place of Tiago Leifert in Boninho’s heart, who is not there to give anyone a lead, no.