Luciano Huck do Caldeirão’s exit is detailed and backstage of Mion and Leifert’s change is revealed

After 21 years as host of Caldeirão do Huck, Luciano Huck will say goodbye to the program on Saturday 28. The change is part of a “career plan” for the communicator within Globo – he will take over Domingão on September 5th. The promotion of Angélica’s husband will provoke a chair dance on the network’s weekend, with the arrival of Marcos Mion and a “goodbye” to Tiago Leifert.

The hammer on Huck’s fate was hit in June, the month in which his contract with Globo came to an end. The question was whether he would accept being the new holder of the Sundays of the audience leader, after the early departure of Fausto Silva, or whether he would choose to venture to run for president of the Republic in 2022.

The commander of Caldeirão chose to occupy the place that the station offered him on the noblest day of Brazilian television, but warned that he will not leave the “public debate”, in reference to the role he has played in the backstage of politics.

Starting in September, Luciano Huck will be the title holder of Domingão com Huck, a program that will air from 18:00 to 20:30, between football and Fantástico. Globo thought it best to maintain the brand that had been successful in the last 32 years with Faustão. But the resemblance must stop only in the name.

Through the calls, the attraction attracts characteristics that are very different from the previous style and will bet on assistentialism, on overcoming stories and on question and answer games. Classics such as VCRs, for example, will no longer be shown.

Huck’s new show on Sundays will keep some paintings that are successful on Saturday afternoons with the Caldeirão. One of them is Visiting the Past, in which a famous person remembers a remarkable place in his life through Globo’s scenography and testimonials from friends.

Another is Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, a game that gives R$ 1 million to anyone who answers 16 general knowledge questions. Show dos Famousos will remain in Domingão for commercial reasons.

Tiago Leifert, who had his performance praised in the more than two months he led a Super Dance of the Famous, knew that his position on Sundays was provisional. This Sunday (29), he will present a season finale and will say goodbye to the public.

The journalist took over the schedule after the sudden departure of Fausto Silva from Globo. Starting in September, Leifert will start working on the tenth season of The Voice Brasil, scheduled to debut in October, and on Big Brother Brasil 22, which starts in January.

Mion in the Cauldron
Luciano Huck’s promotion for Sunday would only take effect in January 2022, but it had to be brought forward because of Tiago Leifert’s commitments and the desire of Angelica’s husband to take over the schedule that will be his for the next few years.

With that, came the question of who would take over the Caldeirão do Huck. After different names were obtained, a Globo decided to hire Marcos Mion, who was not linked to a television network since January, when he had been dismissed by Record.

The arrival of the former A Fazenda in the audience leadership turned into an event, with the right to a badge, reception by Fátima Bernardes and an interview with Fantástico. Mion will take over the Cauldron from September 4th, but he is not in the role. According to the network, he will remain on the program until December – there is still no definition for 2022.

Among Saturday’s new paintings, the highlight goes to Sobe o Som, in which two famous pairs are challenged to guess successes while listening to just a few parts of the melodies. The fixed band will be led by Lucio Mauro Filho, and new instruments will be inserted into the music until they form a complete melody.

The ex-Record will present yet another version of what to do in MTV’s Worst Clips in the World. Called Isto a Globo Mostra, the painting is nothing more than Mion in a chroma-key analyzing curious and funny scenes. Now he will make fun of the new house programs. Already the frame Has or Doesn’t have will be maintained, but now it will have the participation of celebrities.