Luciano Huck wins tributes from famous people at the farewell of “Caldeirão”

The farewell of Luciano Huck, 49, from “Caldeirão”, on TV Globo, earned tributes from singers, hosts and admirers to the presenter for having conducted the program with ‘mastery and love’ for 21 years on social networks.

Names such as Claudia Leitte, Marcos Mion, Dany Bananinha and his wife, Angélica, published moving texts highlighting Huck’s talent and commitment to making the program one of the greatest successes of the Rio station.

Marcos Mion

Substitute for Luciano Huck at Caldeirão, Marcos Mion recorded a video in the stories, on Instagram, saying he was honored to be able to take on a project that the presenter worked on in one of TV Globo’s afternoon hits.

I’m here now at a very special moment, hoping to start the last “Caldeirão” with Luciano. Next week, the 4th, it’s my “Caldeirão”, it’s Mionzera’s calderola. I want to watch the last one with Luciano, the credit for all the success of this program at this time is his. It’s an honor for me to carry forward the legacy he built once again. I already had this opportunity in the Band… Now, I’m taking over this place that he built over these 20 years in a magnificent and impressive way.

Marcos Mion makes his debut as Globo presenter at Criança Esperança - Reproduction/Globo - Reproduction/Globo

Marcos Mion makes his debut as Globo presenter at Criança Esperança

Image: Reproduction/Globe

Claudia Leitte

Singer Claudia Leitte praised Huck for having ‘made history’ in front of “Caldeirão”. She wished luck to the presenter in charge of “Sunday with Huck”, starting next Sunday (5).

How many beginnings is life made of? As long as there is love for others, there will be purpose and, consequently, VICTORY! You’ve made history with @caldeiraodohuck and there’s a lot more to come! Thanks, Lu! @lucianohuck

Dany Banana

The model and stage assistant of “Caldeirão” says she is happy to have been part of the history of the attraction with Luciano Huck and is looking forward to working on the new challenge on Sundays on TV Globo.

21 years in the cauldron and this cycle ends today “Saturday afternoon”. I was a girl when I arrived, I grew up, matured, learned a lot, lived happy days, I always received a lot of affection from the public and everyone. My heart overflows with gratitude and affection. Thanks for all these years lived with this family that I am very proud to have been a part of. Here is my affection, gratitude and happiness. Let’s go to Sunday, for a new cycle, a new challenge that with faith in God we will be very happy too. GRATITUDE!


Luciano Huck’s wife, Angélica shared photos with her husband in the “Caldeirão” and says she is happy to have participated in the 21-year story of her husband in charge of the attraction.

Today the latest “Caldeirão do Huck” is on air. What a beautiful cycle my love, Luciano Huck, lived. You made history with an impeccable, dedicated and talented team. Gratitude for having participated in all of this. Let the new challenge come! What do I know you will do with competence, dedication, love and respect for the public that accompanies you ?? #proud @caldeiraodohuck #domingaocomhuck

Change in Globo’s grid

At the end of July, Rede Globo announced that the weekend schedule will be changed from the beginning of September.

Luciano Huck will lead a program with the same name as the one presented by Faustão on Sundays. Thus, Tiago Leifert will close the “Super Dança dos Famosos” at the end of August and will dedicate himself to the network’s entertainment projects.

“Caldeirão do Huck”, in turn, will be called just “Caldeirão” and will have Marcos Mion, ex-RecordTV, as the new presenter. The premiere of the new version of the attraction is scheduled for September 4th.

Fernanda Gentil will close “Se Joga” on August 28th and Globo will show films at that time. The journalist will win a program in the game show format that will be shown on Sundays before football on the Rio station.

Call with Luciano Huck starts to be shown in Globo's programming - Reproduction/TV Globo - Reproduction/TV Globo

Call with Luciano Huck starts to be shown on Globo’s programming

Image: Playback/TV Globo