Luísa Sonza on bisexuality: ‘If you accept it is liberating’

Guest of the fourth episode of the program “Prazer, Luísa”, on Multishow, Pocah joined the presenter to talk about bisexuality. “I started noticing what was mine when I was 14, when I was more attracted to women than to men,” said the funkeira.

“Since my family was religious, I felt the desire, but my conscience said I would go to hell. So I took my boner and put it in my pocket,” explained Pocah, who participated in “BBB 21” and said not to worry with stigmas created by the public.

“When I talked about my sexuality, I received many messages from girls who told stories very similar to mine. Today, I need to say: accept yourself, because this is the most liberating and incredible thing in the world”, said Luísa Sonza, who came out bi in May.

The singer, who recently released the album “Sweet 22”, also talked about the gossip surrounding her name. “Everyone invents a lot of nonsense about me, doesn’t they?”, asked Luísa, who had to stay away from the internet for a few days after suffering virtual attacks.

“They always think I’m a fucking catcher, but that’s not true. If you knew how many men I’ve had sex with, you wouldn’t believe it,” added the presenter in conversation with Pocah for her show on Multishow.