Maria Marta bursts into tears when she sees a sign of the Commander’s death

In Empire, the plan of José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) in proving his death to maria marta (Lilia Cabral) It ends up working out. the Commander sends Josue (Roberto Birindelli) buy a corpse to put in its place.

The henchman follows the boss’s orders and gets the deceased. In addition, he puts him in the coffin, dressed in the same clothes and characteristics as the businessman.

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Willing to know if her husband really died, Marta decides to exhum the body from under the covers. She asks the cemetery employees to open the compartment and for her driver to bring “evidence”.

Even waiting in the car, the dondoca smells a strong corpse and complains. The official arrives quickly. “Did you manage to do what I asked you?”, asks the madam.

“Yes ma’am. I got a wad of hair from the Commander”, says the driver, handing the “award” to his mistress, who is shocked when she recognizes José Alfredo’s wires.

She holds her hair in her hand and starts to cry. “It’s his… How I ran my hand through that hair… My Commander, my husband… He’s really dead…”, laments, in tears.

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