Mercado da Bola: Journalist surprises and indicates Calleri’s future: ‘Very close’


Credit: Reproduction/Instagram

Jonathan Calleri’s future may finally have a definition in the ball market. This Saturday, new information stirred São Paulo fans. According to Spanish journalist Héctor Gómez, the Argentine would not have reached an agreement with Valencia and was close to returning to Brazil.

According to Héctor, Calleri’s destination will be São Paulo. A few months ago, Tricolor even negotiated with the athlete’s representatives, but the requested amounts stopped any possibility of agreement between the parties.

At the time, São Paulo’s idea was to have Calleri definitively until 2024. However, only from 2022 would it start to pay for the player. The board tried to convince its agents that Brazil could put him back in the window, but negotiations did not advance and everything indicated that he, the Argentine, would remain abroad.

Since leaving São Paulo, Calleri has failed to shine in any European club. England and Spain were the destinations that took the striker, but without the expected success. With the tricolor shirt, 16 goals in 31 matches and one of the protagonists in the 2016 Libertadores campaign.

In the current squad, São Paulo has only Pablo as the center forward. He, however, does not enjoy prestige with the fans and never managed to establish himself in the team. Recently, the board of directors of the São Paulo club showed interest in Benedetto, but the financial part prevented him from being hired.


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