Mercedes-Benz launches in Brazil chassis for buses with electric motors; it should debut in SP in 2022

Mercedes-Benz do Brasil’s bus division announced, on Wednesday (25), its first commercial chassis for collectives with electric motorization. According to the automaker, about R$100 million were invested in the project, which lasted for five years.

called from eO500U, the chassis can come equipped with four or six battery packs, with autonomy to run up to 300 kilometers between recharges. The electric motor will be allocated to the rear axle, whose power has not yet been released.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the electric model will be sold from 2022, has 4×2 traction, with low floor and capacity to receive bodies of approximately 13 meters in length, which allows the transport of up to 83 passengers. The expectation is that the first units start running in companies in São Paulo as early as 2022.

Like other vehicles of its type, the Mercedes bus also it will have a regenerative brake, which recovers part of the kinetic energy in the braking and turns it into electricity to recharge the batteries.

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Your instrument panel will bring information about batteries, electric motor and other electronic systems. The automaker informed that the vehicle takes between 2 and a half and 3 hours for the maximum charge to be reached.

The new product used technologies from the European Mercedes-Benz eCitaro bus. There, the vehicle is sold in a monoblock design, that is, in addition to the chassis and engine, the assembler also supplies the vehicle body.

In Brazil, Mercedes-Benz does not sell the bus we are used to seeing. THE German company only sells the chassis, which comes with the engine and transmission, basically.

From there, the entrepreneur takes the product to a bodybuilder, who will add a truck on top of the chassis. The best known in the sector are Marcopolo from Rio Grande do Sul and Caio Induscar from São Paulo.

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