Military Justice orders the arrest of 4 PMs who appear on video assaulting and offending family during an approach on ABC | São Paulo

THE Military Justice decreed this Saturday afternoon (28) the preventive detention of four military police who appear directly participating in aggressions and offenses against a family during an approach in Santo André, ABC Paulista. the agents of Military Police (PM) even invaded her residence.

Others three PMs who participated in the same incident are still away from operational work on the streets and are still being investigated by the corporation. At least six people from the same family were victims of the agents.

The crimes were committed at dawn on Friday (27) in Recife Street, in the Sacadura Cabral neighborhood. They became public after witnesses and the victims themselves recorded the police violence. They denounced the abuse to Military Police Internal Affairs (PM), in the capital of São Paulo. The agency decided to preventively remove the seven agents of the 10th Battalion of the Military Police (BPM) and made the images of the abuse available to the press (see video above).

“In fact, the news of the arrest of the accused will serve as an example to 100,000 men and women in uniform, armed and trained by the State so that they know that police violence is not a method of fighting crime,” wrote the military judge. Marcos Fernando Theodoro Pinheiro after decreeing the arrest of the PMs at the request of the corporation’s internal affairs department

According to the PM’s press office, two sergeants and two soldiers would be taken prisoner, this Saturday, to the Romão Gomes Military Prison, in the North Zone of São Paulo. The other three police officers who participated in the incident remain doing administrative services after being removed. They do not appear attacking the family in the images, but were recognized by the victims as the police officers who were also close during the approach.

O G1 couldn’t contact their defenses for comment until the last update of this report.

PM invades family home after assaulting suspect’s relatives on the street in Santo André, ABC Paulista — Photo: Military Police/Disclosure

According to witness accounts, a young man in the family was approached by the PMs while he was in front of his house, waiting for relatives to open the gate because he had forgotten his keys. As he was also undocumented, the police detained him and began to offend him.

Then agents accused the young man of contempt and decided to arrest him. He resisted. The images show the moment when the PMs appear using a stun gun to try to immobilize the boy.

In the footage, it is also possible to see his relatives approaching to take the young man’s documents to the police. But instead of catching them, the PMs start attacking two other men and a woman, still on the street.

In the video, PMs appear kicking the legs and punching the victims’ faces, who fall to the ground, trying to escape the aggression. One of them uses a move that is abolished and prohibited by the Military Police, which is the rear naked choke (armbar in which the person’s neck is tightened).

A woman runs into the house and an agent invades the place until recording stops. She intends to register the case in the Police Station for the Defense of Women (DDM).

The seven PMs of the 10th BPM who participated in the occurrence gave statements at the PM’s Internal Affairs, which opened a Military Police Inquiry (PM) to settle the case. All are away from the streets, and four of them had preventive detention ordered by the Military Justice. Pre-trial detentions are those in which a person is detained indefinitely.

Police and Human Rights Ombudsman

PMs attack the family of a man approached in Santo André — Photo: Military Police/Disclosure

According to the police ombudsman, Eliseu Soares, the approach of the police was violent and unjustifiable.

“It was a cowardly and violent attitude on the part of the police, which runs away from what the PM protocol establishes,” ombudsman Elizeu told G1. “The victims will be heard by the Police Ombudsman in the future. What happened there was barbarism. These agents shouldn’t be police officers.”

According to the lawyer Ariel de Castro, president of the Group Torture Never Again, the PMs that appear in the images committed the crimes of abuse of authority, bodily harm and torture.

“In this case, we have the abuse of authority and bodily harm against a boy and a woman, given the violent actions of the PMs,” said Ariel.

“In the scene near the wall, of a restrained boy being beaten, the crime of torture occurred. And the approach to the boy, with several police officers on top of him, who apparently use suffocation techniques and drag him, can also be investigated as a practice of torture”.

In the lawyer’s opinion, the crime of trespassing must also be investigated by the Internal Affairs Unit. “At the end of the video, apparently the PM breaks into the woman’s home. And the video stops.”

Seven police officers removed for violent approach

Seven police officers removed for violent approach

According to the PM’s press office, the arrest request to the Military Justice was based on the videos and testimonies of witnesses.

“Today, 28/08, the Military Justice responded to the request of the police-military authority who, after analyzing the evidence and statements obtained on the date of the facts, represented to the court, claiming the preventive detention of four Military Police officers, two Sergeants and two Soldiers, who They acted directly in the case. The military police underwent exams at the Military Police Hospital and will be transferred to the Military Prison ‘Romão Gomes'”, informs the PM statement.

Also according to the corporation, both the agents and the battered people were injured during the occurrence. The case will also be investigated by the Civil Police

“According to records of the occurrence, the police approached an individual who was on Rua Recife, in the Sacadura Cabral neighborhood. During the action, the man’s relatives began to despise the police. Weapon of neuromuscular incapacitation (AIN) to contain the individual. in the tumult, military and civilian police were injured. Then, all were rescued by the Emergency Room and the case was referred to the 1st Police District of Santo André”, informs a statement from the corporation.

“The Military Police has a strong system of control and inspection to provide society with full transparency of its acts and spares no effort to investigate and, if necessary, ‘cut in the flesh’, punishing the guilty with the utmost rigor of the Law”, he informs note sent by the corporation.