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In June, the team from Bragança Paulista announced the most expensive signing in the club’s history: Bruno Praxedes. To take the 19-year-old midfield away from Internacional, Bragantino spent R$ 35.9 million.

Bruno Praxedes, from Bragantino, in the match against América-MG — Photo: Ari Ferreira/Red Bull Bragantino

Value superior to the R$ 32 million that Atlético paid to River Plate to have the Argentine Nacho Fernández. Galo was the Brazilian team that invested the most in the purchase of players last year. About R$ 251 million were disbursed by the club from Minas Gerais, according to a survey carried out by César Grafietti, management and finance consultant for the sport.

Nacho Fernández cost Atlético-MG around R$ 32 million — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético

Bragantino was fourth in expenses with signings: R$ 100 million. The team from the interior of São Paulo appears ahead of some giants, such as Corinthians (R$ 82 million), Internacional (R$ 65 million), Grêmio (R$ 45 million), Santos (R$ 45 million and São Paulo ( BRL 25 million).

– They are two very different models. Red Bull Bragantino is a company that was bought by a brand of energy drinks that is seeking football to have a sustainable business, but logically to promote its energy drinks, which is its business. And she buys the club and makes investments for it to gain competitiveness, reach the first division and start calling attention to football, of course also to the brand – says Rodrigo Capelo, a journalist specializing in sports business.

Goalkeeper Cleiton and striker Hulk: examples of the millionaire duel between Bragantino and Atlético-MG — Photo: Infoesporte

The profile of the reinforcements is always the same: players up to 23 years old, from big clubs in Brazilian football. Athletic himself, tonight’s rival at the Nabi Abi Chedid stadium, was a victim of Bragantino’s attacks. which acquired forward Alerrandro and goalkeeper Cleiton, players trained in the rooster’s youth categories.

Together, the two transactions cost around R$ 37 million to the São Paulo team’s coffers. The striker never established himself among the holders of Massa Bruta. Cleiton has been the main goalkeeper since last year.

– Bragantino’s business is clearly brand promotion and athlete negotiation. In this model of athlete negotiation you apply 10, 12, 15 so that two or three work. It’s normal, so there are several clubs around the world that practice this, including Red bull’s own branches in Europe. It’s within the business model, so for every Claudinho that works they can run the risk of 4 or 5 players not working. It is very normal that this happens in the mind and planning of the club – says César Grafietti.

The bet on Claudinho is the greatest example of success in the operation. Bragantino bought the player for R$ 2.5 million from Corinthians, in 2019. The value became R$ 92 million, when Bragança Paulista’s team negotiated Claudinho with Zenit, from Russia, earlier this month.

– Claudinho is an example of the ideal world for us. He is an athlete who came to the young club, completed a sporting cycle, became an athlete in the Brazilian national team and there is also his right to take the next step in his career, but obviously this financial return he generates for the club makes it possible for us generate new Claudinhos, invest in infrastructure, invest in new professionals – explains Thiago Scuro, executive director of Red Bull Bragantino.

Negotiated by Bragantino, Claudinho is presented by Zenit, in Russia — Photo: Zenit/Divulgação

At Atlético, the model for strengthening the team is another, but it also has a partnership. Who has been investing and paying the bills since last year is a group of four businessmen, who have already injected around R$ 400 million reais into the club.

– We allocated, lent to the club, an amount not only to buy athletes, there are the club’s daily expenses, the debts that were paid. And this resource has no monetary correction, zero interest, no term to pay – says Rafael Menin, vice president of the Atletico Deliberative Council and one of Atletico’s four investors

These entrepreneurs call themselves supporters. For the time being, they lend the money and management capacity for Atlético to organize itself. They hope to get their investments back only after the club settles with all other creditors. And this feature has no monetary correction, zero interest, no term to pay.

Rafael and Rubens Menin, Renato Salvador and Ricardo Guimarães: the “4Rs” who invest in Atlético — Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

In addition to being vice-president of Atlético’s Deliberative Council, Rafael Menin is the son of Rubens Menin, owner of one of the companies that sponsor the club from Minas Gerais. This year alone, the Menin family and two other investors were responsible for the arrival of midfielder Nacho Fernández, of strikers Hulk and Diego Costa, presented by Galo last week.

– The project is beautiful, ambitious. I was following the games, the arrival of Hulk, Nacho, and others who have been playing football in the team not only with results but also beautiful to see, so that also weighed a lot in the choice – said Diego Costa.

Diego Costa poses for a photo next to Sérgio Coelho, president of Atlético-MG — Photo: Divulgação/CAM

The investments generated jokes, calling Atlético the PSG of the Americas, because of the million-dollar signings of Messi and Neymar’s team in France.

“This combination of young, talented athletes with more experienced athletes, we understand that it makes a good league, strengthens the club’s sporting performance and naturally values ​​the club’s younger athletes” Rafael Menin

This is the main difference between Bragantino and Atlético. While one bet only on young people, the other brought in established players for an immediate technical return, which also generates money.

– (Return of established players) is always associated with sports performance, because good performance on the field will bring more fans, it will make these fans more engaged, consume more club products and this makes you increase revenue – explains César Grafietti.

– Today, Galo has 74 thousand non-defaulting partners, generating almost one million per month in revenue even with all the pandemic E of awards reached so far, approximately 50 (million reais). In competitions that Galo has been passing through, Libertadores and Copa do Brasil, mainly – says Rodrigo Caetano, football director at Atlético.

– Atlético, in addition to winning on the field, is also giving a demonstration of power. He’s showing the rest of football that he can compete with Palmeiras and Flamengo not only on the field, based on efficiency, but on money, on money – adds Rodrigo Capelo.

Thiago Scuro is CEO Bragantino Red Bull — Photo: Ari Ferreira/CA Bragantino

Different business models, but with similar goals and that, so far, have worked.

– I think that for a year now, we have been able to be deeper, fewer signings, managing to study these athletes and their profile better. So I think this has been giving greater efficiency – says Thiago Scuro.

– We expect Rooster to continue climbing one step every year. Not only in the sporting aspect, in the administrative area, which manages to reduce its indebtedness. We are very optimistic about this work. Knowing that it is a job that will not be easy, and will take time to complete – concludes Rafael Menin.