Myrian Rios reveals all about head surgery on TV

Myrian Rivers, actress, gave an exclusive interview to the Sunday ‘Spectacular Sunday’, at Record TV, about the recent head surgery he underwent to alleviate a hearing problem.

The actress confessed that she will need to wear new hearing aids for the rest of her life. “Other types of hearing loss can operate, and it goes away, and that’s fine. This one has nothing to do, it’s braces until you die”, confessed in an interview that will be aired this Sunday (29).

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In another moment, myrian he confessed that he has the understanding of death, but he didn’t want to go right now. “One day, everyone will die, whether from a heart attack, surgery, covid, being run over. We are here in passing, to die. My concern was not to leave my children orphans now”, he said.

Myrian Rivers has been updating the followers of their current state of health, bluntly, detailing exactly each procedure and reactions.

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Myrian Rivers as soon as she underwent head surgery, which was even successful, she was released to return home. On her first night, she suffered a slight bleeding in her left ear, something she shared on the social network. According to the actress’ doctor, something perfectly on schedule.