Netflix: 3 series arrive with final seasons this week

Late August and early September will feature the premiere of the final seasons ‘good girls, The 100′ and ‘La Casa de Papel’ on Netflix. Check out the release dates and trailer below.

good girls

The final season of Good Girls had 16 episodes, being much longer than previous seasons. The ending will be released on Netflix in August, 31. The series had three seasons, the original airing of the final episodes took place between March and July 2021.

The production follows the story of three friends who end up involved in the world of crime. The main cast of Good Girls is Christina Hendricks (Mad Men), Retta (Parks and Recreation), Mae Whitman (Scott Pilgrim), Reno Wilson (Transformers), Manny Montana (Graceland) and Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo).

La Casa de Papel

The final season, which will be divided into two parts, is scheduled to debut on the platform for September 3rd. The first part, with five episodes, arrives in the first week of next month.

The last five episodes, which will mark the final outcome of the production, will debut on Netflix only on December 3rd.

The 100

Originally airing between May and September 2020, The 100’s final season also featured 16 episodes, offering an ending that divided fan opinion. The debut on the platform will be on the day September 1st.

The seventh and final season begins with the inhabitants of Sanctum trying to find a new way to live in peace after the shocking events of season six, such as the return of the Dark Commander.