no one gets the result right and the prize goes to BRL 4.3 million

Caixa Lotteries held this Saturday night, August 28, the draw of the numbers of the Quina contest 5644 through live streaming on social networks. Check the result: 29-42-58-66-78.

Winners of Quina contest 5644

Nobody got the result of Quina Contest 5644 right and the prize totaled R$4.3 million. However, 68 bets scored four dozen and earned R$ 8,000 in the second lane.

In the other ranges, the amounts of: R$185 for three hits and R$3.91 for two hits were distributed.

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How to receive Quina’s award today?

All prizes from today’s Quina 5644 results can be redeemed at Caixa branches by presenting the RG and CPF. However, if it is less than R$1,903.98, another option is to withdraw from the lottery stores. Online players can request transfer of the prize to a Mercado Pago account.

The deadline for redeeming is up to 90 calendar days from the drawing of Quina Contest 5644.

next draw

The Quina contest 5645 draw will be held from 8:00 pm (Eastern Time) on Monday, August 30th. Bets can be placed up to one hour before the draw, at 7 pm, at lotteries or electronic channels: Loterias Caixa application or website.