Norris crashes in the rain from Spa and training is interrupted

Classification training for the Belgium GP was interrupted in Q3, the last part of the session that defines the starting grid in the Formula 1, because of a strong accident of Lando Norris, British pilot for McLaren.

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The crash took place at the exit of the Eau Rouge curve, the most famous on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, one of the most traditional in motor sport. This Saturday, heavy rain falls on the Belgian racetrack.

So the ‘victim’ of the time was Norris. The incident happened right at the beginning of Q3, whose beginning was the subject of debate due to the increase in rainfall in the locality. Anyway, the race direction chose to proceed with the classification and, shortly after, Norris crashed. Look:

Norris apologized to the team: “Sorry, guys. We should have had a good result. I disappointed, it was bad.” German Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel stopped his car next to Norris to check if his colleague was all right, with Lando giving the thumbs up.

But the four-time world champion was furious on the radio at the decision to continue qualifying before the accident. “Yeah, well, what the hell did I say?” shouted Vettel. “What did I say! Red flag! It was unnecessary.”

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