On Anti-Smoking Day, a woman says she decided to quit her habit during a smoking father’s funeral: ‘Tremendous pain’ | Santos and Region

Rosinete Sousa Kazimierz, 52, lived a story of overcoming difficulties when she managed to get rid of her addiction to smoking after the death of her father, who also smoked his entire life. This Sunday (28) is the Day to Combat Tobacco and she tells about her battle against addiction. “I suffered and struggled a lot, but today I am grateful for having realized the harm I was doing to my life”, says the ex-smoker.

Rosinete lives in Itanhaém, on the coast of São Paulo. Her relationship with cigarettes began with 13 years, when he took his first drag. “I started playing,” he told the G1. The game, however, became something serious and at 16 years old she realized that she was addicted. “I couldn’t live without smoking anymore, I needed that”, he added.

“I smoked with no excuse,” he commented. Rosinete said that despite always smoking, when she was sad or upset, she pretended that the excuse for smoking tobacco was the negative feeling. “I got to the point of smoking three whole packs of cigarettes a day,” he reported. In addition to the dependence on cigarettes, she says that the addicted to tobacco attacks not only the body, but the pocket. “It’s money that we literally burn,” he said.

Rosinete Sousa’s father smoked his whole life — Photo: Personal archive

Rosinete’s father was also a smoker, but according to his daughter he started smoking even younger, at 10 years. He developed an addiction to smoking and lived without a diagnosis of the harm caused by smoking. In 2001, however, he suffered a stroke and was bedridden.

“One day he got much worse and went to the hospital, straight to the ICU. A few days later, they called me from the hospital and said the doctor wanted to talk to me. The doctor’s message was short and hard: ‘the cigarette killed your father and if you don’t stop smoking, you’ll end up like him’ “, remembers.

Rosinete Sousa Kazimierz quit her addiction to tobacco after her father’s death — Photo: Reproduction/Facebook

Rosinete told the G1 who was in shock at what the doctor said and then lowered his head. “At that moment I saw that I was holding a cigarette pack and a lighter,” she reported, which according to her, she hadn’t even noticed until the doctor alerted her, since having a cigarette was a custom.

After the message, she claims the doctor showed her an x-ray of her father’s lungs. “It was completely black and spoiled. The cigarette anticipated my father’s death“, he pointed out.

Shaken and shocked by the strong message, Rosinete said she hadn’t even cried at the time. “I left the hospital and went to resolve the pending matters for the wake. I was nervous and would not stop smoking,” she reported. She said she smoked normally during the wake, up to the time of burial.

“When my father was being buried, played a movie in my head. I remembered the message from the doctor, my daughters and how strong my father was. My reflex was to throw the pack of cigarettes and the lighter that were with me, on top of my father’s coffin,” he reported.

From that moment, Rosinete’s life changed completely, she ended an addiction of almost 20 years in a second. At the moment she threw the pack of cigarettes into the coffin, she was only thinking about preventing her family, and especially her three daughters, from going through the same pain she was going through when losing her father.

The woman also said that she thought it would be more difficult to give up the cigarette than it actually was. The trauma snapped at her conscience, which made her simply not stand the smoke anymore. “I started to crave anything related to smoking,” he reported.

Habit, however, became the enemy in the process. Rosinete confessed that she gave in twice since quitting her cigarette. “The first time was a week after my father’s burial. As soon as I lit the cigarette, my blood pressure dropped and I passed out. The second and last time I gave in was a month after the funeral. the smell, I started vomiting and I couldn’t smoke,” he said.

According to data from the Fiocruz Institute, the smoke that comes out of cigarettes contains an average of 3 times more nicotine and carbon monoxide and 50 times more carcinogens than the air that the smoker inhales. Thus, people who live with smokers or who are exposed to cigarette smoke from others can develop from allergic reactions to lung cancer and other lung diseases.

For smokers, according to cardiologist Roberto Kalil said in an interview with G1 São Paulo, smoking increases the risk of heart attack by 30%. This is because the carbon monoxide inhaled by the smoker in the cigarette enters the bloodstream and binds to hemoglobin. This bond forms carboxyhemoglobin, which is a toxic substance to the body. The greater the amount of carboxyhemoglobin in the blood, the lesser the amount of oxygen.

The harms of smoking are many. Rosinete’s father was one of the victims of cigarettes and in the conversation she comments, moved, that if it wasn’t for the smoke, maybe he would still be here today. And today, she celebrates that she managed to kick the habit 20 years ago. “Today I don’t miss it anymore and I even crave anything related to cigarettes“, reported.

Rosinete Sousa Kazimierz was a smoker for nearly twenty years and kicked the habit — Photo: Phil Noble/Reuters/Arquivo

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