Palmeiras and Flamengo victories call Atlantic alert in Brazilian Nationals

(Photo: Pedro Souza/Atl

Atltico will face Red Bull Bragantino, this Sunday, at 8:30 pm, in Bragana Paulista, with the warning sign turned on after the victories of direct competitors in the dispute for the top spot in the Brazilian Championship. Palmeiras and Flamengo won, respectively, Athletico and Grmio, on Saturday night, and came close to Galo in the classification.

Atltico started the 18th round with a six-point advantage over Palmeiras, who were coming from a sequence of three defeats at the Brazilian Nationals. Under pressure, alviverde suffered against Athletico, but managed to win 2-1 at Allianz Parque, and reduced the difference in favor of Galo to three points ahead: 38-35.

Flamengo, in turn, won another convincing victory, the second in a row by rout. The red-black who came from a 4-0 triumph against Grmio, in the first game for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, once again performed well away from home. This Saturday, the Cariocas had an inspired night by Gabriel, who made a hat-trick and helped the Vulture to repeat the elastic score, this time against Santos, in Vila Belmiro.

Flamengo, which has 16 matches – at the moment one less than Atltico -, reached 31 points and took fourth place. The red-black team surpassed Red Bull Bragantino in the number of victories: 10 to 8. With that, they pressured Massa Bruta to seek the result at home against Galo, so as not to leave the G-4.

Atltico is still eyeing Fortaleza, which will only take the field on Monday, at the end of the 18th round. Leo will face Cuiab, at 21:30, in Castelo, and have 32 points, in third place.