Paolla Oliveira appears on the networks after the controversy of “Super Dance”

This Saturday afternoon, August 28, Paolla Oliveira appeared behind the scenes of “Super Dance of the Famous” in a series of photos shared by her on social networks, reminding netizens about the final of the dancing reality.

The big decision takes place on Sunday, August 29, with the actress, Rodrigo Simas and Dandar Mariana. However, this appearance by Paolla came after the leak of the result of “Super Dance”. According to Leo Dias and Fábia Oliveira, she was the champion of this edition.

In the caption, the blonde did not mention any of the information that started to circulate on the internet. “Tomorrow there is the end of #SuperDançaDosFamosos. Emotion and anxiety a thousand. It will be a program”, he guaranteed.

Among the comments, netizens remembered the gossip, but before that, Diogo Nogueira appeared and wished her beloved luck: “Go with everything my love!!! Beautiful girl!!!!!”, he declared.

“It’s a shame that it’s nothing new for anyone that you’re the winner, I just wanted to know on Sunday”, lamented the netizen. “My champion! I’m already looking forward to seeing her win for the second time. I love you, baby”, celebrated a fan. “Leo Dias has already ruined his big day,” someone else complained.

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