Pernambuco is close to 30% of the population over 12 years old with a complete vaccination schedule against covid-19

According to the bulletin released this Saturday (28), by the State Health Department (SES), Pernambuco is close to 30% of the population over 12 years old with a complete vaccination schedule against covid-19. Already applied 7,833,652 doses of the vaccine in the population of Pernambuco, since the beginning of the immunization campaign in the state.

Of this total, 2,421,939 (29.14%) from Pernambuco completed their vaccination schedules, 2,248,948 of which were vaccinated with immunizing agents applied in two doses and another 172,991 from Pernambuco who received a vaccine applied in a single dose.

Also according to the bulletin, when the cut is only the first doses of the vaccine against covid-19, 5,411,713 applications were registered. Of this total, adolescents aged 12 to 17 years old, 16,987 have already received the first dose. Regarding the second dose, the state totals 2,248,948 vaccinated people from Pernambuco and with the single dose this total is 172,991 immunized people.

The epidemiological bulletin also reported that Pernambuco registered today, 435 new cases of covid-19. Among those confirmed, 38 (9%) are cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SRAG) and 397 (91%) are mild. Now, the state totals 606,439 confirmed cases of the disease, being 53,220
serious and 553,219 light, which are distributed across all 184 municipalities in Pernambuco, in addition to
of the Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

In addition, the bulletin records a total of 538,121 patients recovered from the disease. Of these,
31,592 were critically ill patients, who required hospitalization, and 506,529 were
mild cases. 14 new deaths (8 male and 6 female) were also laboratory confirmed.
occurred between 12/16/2020 and 08/27/2021.

The new deaths are of people residing in the municipalities of Águas Belas (2), Aliança (1), Buíque (1), Paulista (1), Recife (8) and Serra Talhada (1). With this, the state totals 19,359 deaths from the disease.

Eight new cases of the delta variant were confirmed in Pernambuco this Friday (27). The cases are of residents of cities in Greater Recife and Sertão do Estado. Before, the State Department of Health (SES-PE) had already disclosed the confirmation of two cases of patients from Abreu e Lima and Olinda, who fell ill in July. The genetic sequencing of samples was carried out by the Instituto Aggeu Magalhães (IAM/Fiocruz PE).

Of the 148 samples sequenced, 8 (5.4%) presented the Delta variant. The infected patients are from Recife (5), Olinda (1), Cabo de Santo Agostinho (1) and Exu (1). The collection of biological materials from this audience took place between July 31 and August 5th. Among the eight new cases of the Delta variant, three were in males and five in females, aged between 16 and 56 years. With that, total 10 cases of Delta in Pernambuco.

According to SES, among the other samples sequenced, 132 (89.1%) were from the Gamma lineage (P.1). The others were classified as “lines of least concern”.

With the community circulation of the strain in the state, the Secretary of Health of Pernambuco, André Longo reinforces the population’s need to complete the vaccination schedule and not relax the protection measures.

“In the analysis of the first two cases, the health surveillance did not identify an epidemiological link of patients with confirmed cases for Delta or travel to areas where the virus circulates, which showed that there is already Delta’s community circulation in Pernambuco. Now, the municipalities where these new cases occur, with the support of the State, will also carry out surveillance work with these people, to find out if there is an epidemiological link with previously confirmed cases, if there are secondary illnesses and the need for contact testing. This finding by Fiocruz PE is important for us to know the circulation of the variants in our territory, but I emphasize that, regardless of the type, we cannot relax in sanitary measures and we need to continue advancing in vaccination, offering more first doses and concluding the vaccination schedules with the second dose”, stated the Secretary of Health of the State, André Longo.