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US President Joe Biden Speaks About FEMA’s Preparations for Hurricane Ida at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington | Joshua Roberts/Getty Images North America/AFP/MetSul Meteorology

US authorities have repeatedly warned of the extreme gravity of the devastating Hurricane Ida that will hit the southern United States between Sunday and Monday, touching land in Louisiana with 250 km/h wind and higher gusts, rising tide and extreme rain.

“If you are under any evacuation orders and can, please leave! Areas may be uninhabitable for weeks. General lack of energy in our area is a certainty. Preparations need to be completed by tonight. Ida will be a dangerous hurricane with catastrophic impacts.”

The alert was posted on the social network Twitter account by the New Orleans office of the US National Weather Service. The National Hurricane Center warned of “life-threatening flooding” due to the steep rise of the sea off the coast and “potentially catastrophic wind damage” in areas close to the point where the hurricane enters land. New Orleans has been placed under a hurricane alert.

Ida, arriving at the height of hurricane season, according to the latest projection by the US National Hurricane Center, is expected to reach the south coast of New Orleans as a devastating Category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale up to 5 , with destructive winds of 250 km/h, torrential rains with extreme volumes and tidal elevation of up to five meters in the coastal strip.

The idea of ​​removing the entire population from the city has been abandoned because there is not enough time to carry out a massive evacuation, which is the contingency plan for a Category 4 storm. “Hurricane Ida poses a dramatic threat to the people of New Orleans. Time is not on our side”, warned the city hall

Hospital patients are among the authorities’ biggest concerns. In 2005, during Hurricane Katrina, many were transferred to other states. This time it’s not possible. Hospitals are overcrowded in other areas by the advance of the Delta variant in the United States and are unable to receive patients from Louisiana.

In a quick press rally, US President Joe Biden urged on Saturday that the citizens of the states that Hurricane Ida is expected to hit starting this Sunday to be on alert and prepared. “The hurricane is coming with a very strong force,” declared the White House president.

The president also said he had spoken with the governors of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi “to ask what they need from us” before the storm hits. The Biden administration deployed 500 federal emergency agency workers in Texas and Louisiana.

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The White House has also deployed “food, water, generators and other supplies in the area,” Biden said, adding that “energy restoration and mobile communications support teams are also on the way.”