Pocah reveals narcolepsy, a disease that causes excessive sleep

Singer Pocah has been diagnosed with narcolepsy, a disorder that causes excessive daytime sleepiness. The disease is associated with a deficiency of orexin, one of the neurotransmitters responsible for keeping humans awake.

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“Have you ever heard of narcolepsy? It’s a sleep disorder. Yeah! I found I have it. I’m treating it and some other things like ADHD and anxiety. Sorry I’m not as active here as before and not posting so often on the networks.” , published the funkeira on his Twitter account.

The diagnosis of the ex-BBB was made by a neurologist after a polysomnography was performed, an examination performed while the patient is asleep. “My priority right now is taking care of myself. So that as soon as possible I can get back to my ‘normal’ life. I thought it was important to share this with you.”

During her time at “Big Brother Brasil 21”, Pocah was known for her heavy sleep and for sleeping a lot. At the time of the reality show broadcast, viewers made fun of the fact in memes. On social networks, fans of the singer now apologize for that. “Now I’m feeling guilty for laughing at her memes sleeping at the BBB,” wrote one netizen.

Pocah releases the single 'Nem on nor off' Photo: Disclosure
Pocah releases the single ‘Nem on nor off’ Photo: Disclosure

The patient who suffers narcolepsy cannot control sleep during the day and sleep at any time: while driving, talking, working… This is because, without orexin, he undergoes REM sleep interventions (stage of sleep in which the person dreams) at any time of day, even if he had a good night’s sleep.