Pochettino confirms that he will link Messi, Neymar and Mbappé for the duel against Reims

This Sunday, in the game against Reims, away from home, Messi can finally debut for the French club. In an interview, coach Mauricio Pochettino confirmed that the shirt 30, Neymar and Mbappé , who expects a transfer to the Real Madrid, will be related to that confrontation.

they trained well and let’s analyze, we haven’t formed the group yet. They will definitely be in the game, but we still don’t know if they will play from the start.. Lionel Messi is a great professional. He has the ability to adapt to all game situations,” commented the coach.

Messi has been out of action since July 10th, when he won the Copa América title over Brazil, at the Maracanã stadium. Neymar hasn’t acted since that date either. Already Mbappé, has been used by PSG, however, after the latest updates on the striker’s negotiation with Real Madrid, the French could be left out of the game against Reims.

Still on the 22-year-old’s negotiation, coach Pochettino didn’t want to talk too much and, in an ironic tone, he came succinctly about Mbappé’s departure: “You didn’t say anything to me that you wanted to leave.”