Rafael Vitti shows his daughter for the first time with Tatá Werneck on the beach

Actor Rafael Vitti enchanted by showing the little Clara Maria, his daughter with Tatá Werneck on the beach

The actor Rafael Vitti revealed a very cute moment with her daughter with Tata Werneck, little Clara Maria, one year and ten months old. He showed for the first time the little Clara Maria on the beach!

Rafael Vitti showed the cute Clara Maria facing the sea and with her little feet in the water. When showing the beautiful photo of his baby, the actor declared to the girl saying: “Best view in the world!”.

Many famous people praised little Clara Maria. Actress Letícia Spiller commented on the photo with many hearts. And actor Jayme Matarazzo.
Internet users were also delighted with little Clara Maria. “Guys, the perfect photo exists and I’m looking at it!”, commented a netizen. And another internet user still said: “How cute!”.

One internet user also commented: “How cute! This is for sure the best view in the world for a father!”. And another netizen said: “Oun! How beautiful Clara Maria!”. One internet user also commented: “How fast they grow right?! Clara Maria is cuter every day!”.

A fan of Tatá Werneck and Rafael even melted for Clara Maria saying: “Clarinha! You’re perfect! Understand!”. Another fan also stated: “Rafa, you are a wonderful and very hardworking father. May God bless and always remain in union with you”. And a fan also commented: “I can already imagine you teaching Clarinha to surf! How sweet!”. A fan also said: “Most beautiful thing, this is the vision of paradise”.

Recently, Tatá Werneck made a beautiful statement for Rafael Vitti. Always in a good mood, she wrote: “You are an inspiring father. You’re perfect together. I fall in love when I see the father you are. Happy day. It’s me, Clara. I am in a girl’s body, but I am 75 years old. Rafa, we love you so much”.

Rafael Vitti showing little Clara Maria at sea

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