Referee reports in summary case of racial injury against Celsinho, midfielder of Londrina, at Augusto Bauer | soccer

Celsinho, midfielder of Londrina, reported having suffered racial injury during the match against Brusque, valid for the 21st round of Serie B, on Saturday night, at the Augusto Bauer stadium. During the break, the athlete from the Paraná team even pointed out the person who made the racist offenses in the stands. In the summary, the referee Fábio Augusto Santos Sá Junior highlighted the case.

According to Fábio Augusto Santos Sá Junior, a member of the Quadricolor staff said: “Go cut your hair, you bee bunch” (check out the full document below).

Summary of Brusque x Londrina — Photo: Reproduction/CBF

Celsinho spoke after the match in an interview with Premiere and said he will take legal action.

– I don’t know if he’s part of the technical committee, the board, a man in red in the box. I also don’t understand why there are so many people in a protocol that the games are not released to the fans. It’s unfortunate. A team of medium-low size recently promoted to Series B of the Brazilian Championship to be committing such an act is inadmissible, but measures will be taken.

Through its press office, Brusque said it will take a stand on the case this Sunday.