resume conversations with striker and Gabriel Neves

São Paulo still hopes to strengthen the team before the closing of the international transfer window, which happens on Monday (30). The board resumed conversations with striker Jonathan Calleri and midfielder Gabriel Neves, old dreams of the club.

Talks with the Argentine striker resumed just over a month after Deportivo Maldonado, the Uruguayan club that holds the economic rights to Calleri, rejected an offer made by São Paulo. As a result, the board went after Darío Benedetto, but the high request made by the attacker’s businessmen made the deal unfeasible.

During a live participation with narrator Nilson César earlier this month, Muricy Ramalho, São Paulo’s soccer coordinator, stated that the requests made by Calleri and Benedetto’s agents made the business unfeasible. “We started a conversation, a relationship, but when we went to see, there was no condition”.

Near the bottom of the window, Calleri still hasn’t got another team to play. Because of this, conversations with São Paulo were resumed. Despite the negotiations, the financial problems of the São Paulo team mean that the negotiation is handled with caution, mainly because the objective of the board is to start paying for the player only next year.

Since the beginning of Julio Casares’ administration, São Paulo has monitored the player’s situation. The identification with the fans weighs in his favor. Calleri played for Morumbi’s team for only six months, but he scored 16 goals and was important in the Libertadores campaign, in which the team reached the semifinals.

Gabriel Neves’ case is a little more complicated. He still has another year and a half on his contract with Nacional, from Uruguay. The midfielder is an old wish of São Paulo, but the conversations at the beginning of the year did not evolve. Now, the board is trying once again to make the business viable. If it does, the tendency is for the Uruguayan to arrive initially on loan.

In an interview with UOL Menon columnist, Carlos Belmonte, São Paulo’s soccer director, said that the club needed to strengthen itself with a defensive midfielder, a left-handed defender and a forward.