Revised PS5 model is lighter and quieter, but has a smaller heatsink

Heat measurements show that the new model is 3 to 5ºC warmer at the air outlet

We reported last Monday (23) that the revised Playstation 5 model is already on sale in Australia, now youtuber Austin Evans posted a video on his channel after receiving a new model from Playstation 5 Digital Edition directly from Japan, Evans shows in the video the differences to the originally released edition and performed some tests to identify the changes.

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The most notable changes to the new console were the new screw for base and the decrease by 300 grams of the total weight of the device, now with the video of the Evans disassembling the new version we can better understand what was changed for this decrease.

The most drastic change pointed out by youtuber was the decrease in the size of the heatsink, as we can see on the right in the image below. He reports that the heatsink is significantly lower for heat dissipation, bringing in smaller heatpipes and ends, which makes the new model less efficient for heat flow, and this will clearly result in a higher console temperature than the original model.

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The new product also has two fewer antennas for wireless and bluetooth connections, which may have been removed due to the change in the wireless adapter made in this new model.

After performing some tests, Austin Evans found that the new model is about 1 dB quieter than the original model, however when performing heat measurements at the rear air vents, the difference was between 3 to 5ºC higher than the first version, with the new PS5 reaching about 55ºC.

Check out the video posted by Austin Evans:

austin concludes that these changes made the new version a cheaper product to be produced, but at the same time it brings a much lower cooling capacity, which apparently makes the original version the best model to be purchased.

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Via: Austin Evans