rival of Dom Pedro II, Tonico will be deputy

Tonico (Alexandre Nero) will get what he wants so much in In Times of the Emperor. After doing everything to get the support of the colonels, the villain will emerge victorious in the elections.

Tonic wins the election

In the chapter this Saturday (28), Tonico will win the election and will be elected deputy after winning the support of the colonels of the Recôncavo Baiano. The villain’s victory will happen by just 1 vote difference.

Alexandre Nero’s character had launched the candidacy during the wake of his father, Colonel Ambrósio (Roberto Bonfim).

in the times of the emperor
Tonico (Alexandre Nero) launched his candidacy at his father’s wake – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Tonico’s main opponent was Colonel Floriano (Lucci Ferreira). Without scruples, the villain even seduced his rival’s wife, Jerusa (Carolina Ferman), to try to discover facts that could destroy Floriano’s reputation and harm him in the struggle for power. Naive, Jerusa falls into the trap.

Soon Jerusa discovers the truth and realizes that it was used by Tonico. The woman arms Tonico and when they meet, she ties him up and gags him: “I’ll leave you here, tied up, in this end of the world where no one passes by. A woman in love is not wrong, Tonico. Stay there, as long as God wills”.

The troubles and confusions caused and suffered by Tonico do not prevent him from winning the office of deputy.

In the Times of the Emperor time

Nos Tempos do Imperador is a continuation of Novo Mundo, shown in 2017. The plot is written by Alessandro Marson and Thereza Falcão, and airs from Monday to Saturday, at 6:25 pm, Brasília time. The chapters are saved in GloboPlay for subscribers.

The plot revolves around the story of Dom Pedro II (Selton Mello), Teresa Cristina (Letícia Sabatella) and Luísa, the Countess of Barral. Tonico (Alexandre Nero), Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) and Samuel (Michel Gomes) are also highlights of the telenovela.