RMP: “Palmeiras is at a level below Flamengo and Atlético-MG” – 08/29/2021

Palmeiras had not won for four rounds by Brasileirão and broke this series on Saturday (28) by beating Athletico by 2-1 at Allianz Parque. The result puts pressure on the leader Atlético-MG, as the difference to Verdão is now three points – Galo enters the field this Sunday (29) against Red Bull Bragantino.

At the End of Chat, post-round live of UOL Sport – with journalists Isabela Labate, Menon, Renato Maurício Prado and Rodolfo Rodrigues – the alviverde victory did not excite commentators so much. They pointed out some problems at Palmeiras, which could complicate the team in the fight with Atlético-MG, Flamengo and Fortaleza for the leadership of Brasileirão.

“Palmeiras, despite being a candidate not only for the Brazilian title, but also for the Libertadores, is at a level below Flamengo and Atlético-MG at the moment. They are playing a more efficient football. They are even ahead of Flamengo in the table, but with two more games. One of the problems is the attack. Flamengo and Atlético-MG have more powerful attacks than Palmeiras,” compared Renato.

For Menon, the triumph over Hurricane could be crucial in the intense dispute for the title of the Brasileirão. “The victory was very important. It broke a streak of three defeats. With three title contenders, losing three straight games is a huge advantage given to them. This victory was fundamental and showed the strength of the squad. It was a resumption of Palmeiras. Let’s go. see how it will be going forward,” he commented.

Rodrigues highlighted the quality of Verdão’s group of players. “Palmeiras is not a team that excites and manages to show great football, but they have a sensational squad. Abel Ferreira put Willian and Gabriel Verón, two strikers who were not playing and are very good. With them, the team had a better quality in attack, he deserved the victory and could have decided in the first half,” he said.

Menon criticized the lack of tactical variations of the alviverde team. “Palmeiras seems to me to be very hostage to counterattacks and this style of play. Nothing against it. You can win playing like that, but when the other team doesn’t allow spaces, it gets complicated. It was nice for the championship, because Palmeiras said ‘ Oh Flamengo, you made four, but I’m here in the game'”, he joked, citing Flamengo’s 4-0 rout over Santos in Vila Belmiro.

Rodrigues thinks that Palmeiras has an advantage over their main opponents, “When they make 1-0, Palmeiras stays behind waiting for the opponent to come out on the counter-attack when they could come out to kill the game. In relation to Flamengo and Atlético- MG, when you need to use an alternative team, the reserves of Palmeiras are much better. In a championship like Brasileirão, the team has a greater advantage,” he said.

Although Verdão’s style of play doesn’t please Renato, he recognized the team’s efficiency. “Palmeiras’ attack has been owed for some time. When Breno Lopes is one of the hopes, you feel that the level is different. It was a very important victory for Palmeiras to stay close to Atlético-MG. Not that Flamengo and Galo don’t have it. defects, but they make more exciting games. At the Brazilian Nationals, it was essential to win today [ontem] and did what he had to do”, concluded.