Rocha: Corinthians thinks in the short term, but makes a strong team around Jô – 08/29/2021

Corinthians didn’t play well in Porto Alegre and didn’t even need to win a Grêmio picking up the pieces, after the tragedy in the Copa do Brasil.

Luan never surrendered playing for the side and, at the moment, an open redemption from the left on the four-line ahead of Gabriel within Sylvinho’s 4-1-4-1 would be unlikely.

Jô scored the winning goal, in the only submission on target, six in total. Despite the 55% ownership, it lacked effectiveness. Including Renato Augusto, who, free, finished at the crossbar after receiving the center forward.

The team from São Paulo only has the Brazilian Nationals in sight until the end of the season. He went to the market and hired Giuliano and Renato Augusto, two players over 30 years old. To join Cássio, Fágner, Gil, Fabio Santos and Jô, the experienced base that should surround itself with younger athletes to balance the team in physical strength.

Try now with Roger Guedes, who is 24 and should be the forward of acceleration, probably on the left. Because the right side is reserved for Willian, who must terminate with Arsenal and return to his roots. At 33 years old, he is one more that increases the average age of the team.

A luxury that Corinthians could give up, even understanding the “sentimental” issue that involves someone raised at the club. He shouldn’t come back with a low salary and then he extrapolates a little the correct reasoning of strengthening the cast to avoid the risk of relegation and see TV revenues fall.

But it’s not enough to spend all your time just mentioning debts and turning your back on the field. The evolution margin is large and the G-6 is already the reality, with the potential to seek the fourth direct spot in the group stage of the Libertadores, just behind the trio of favorites. This if necessary, since the trend is Flamengo and Atlético-MG, especially, to open even more places if they win Libertadores and/or Copa do Brasil.

The question that remains is how such an aged team will handle the 2022 season. The squad, despite the great João Víctor at the back and Gustavo Mosquito at the top, does not offer young people with a technical level close to the starting line-up and this should be a problem. Including creating the need to go to the market again, which would be irresponsible.

For now, the expectation is to see the team complete and that it should be strong with the new quartet of socks around Jô. A great attraction for the second round of the Brazilian.

(Statistics: SofaScore)