Rolle da Vacina on the Orla is marked by great movement

With a large movement of people aged 18 or over, the Municipal Health Department (SMS) held this Saturday, in Orla do Guaíba, the immunization against Covid-19 in Porto Alegre. The mobile teams from the secretariat applied the first dose and the second dose of Coronavac and AstraZeneca to all those vaccinated 28 days and ten weeks ago, respectively.

In the tent set up at Rotula on João Goulart Avenue, at the intersection of Edvaldo Pereira Paiva and Loureiro da Silva avenues, there were 12 vaccination points – six for the first dose and six for the second. By 11am, more than 70 people were in line waiting for the immunization to begin.

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Photographer Marcelo Oliveira, who carried out the second dose of AstraZeneca, called on everyone to be immunized against the coronavirus. “Everyone has to get vaccinated”, he pointed out. Eduarda Santos said that even with the second dose of the vaccine, she will follow all the safety protocols – use of mask, alcohol gel and social distance.

The Vaccine Rolê in Orla do Guaíba will be held until 5:00 pm. In addition to the action, immunization against Covid-19 was maintained for the entire adult population – 18 years and older. This Saturday, the drive-thru system was not carried out, which will be resumed after the arrival of a new shipment of sufficient doses to reopen the structures. The city awaits the receipt of new immunization agents so that it is possible to expand strategies to expand vaccination points.

To receive the first dose, people had to present identification and proof of residence. For the second dose, identification document and vaccine card with registration of the first application.

The schedule of the Vaccine Role had the support of 56 volunteers from the Uniritter College, 33 of which were students from the Nursing course and three professors. SMS’s “Stay Knowing” bus is parked at the site offering rapid HIV testing. Orientations and distribution of information material on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections were also carried out.

On Sunday, the mobile unit of Health will take the vaccination to the community in the Rubem Berta neighborhood. The service will be installed at the Santa Rosa de Lima church, on Avenida Bernardino Oliveira Paim, 82, in the Rubem Berta district, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The municipal secretary of Health, Mauro Sparta, stated that even receiving fewer doses of immunizing agents in the last shipments delivered by the state government, Porto Alegre remains among the capitals that most applied the two doses of the vaccine against Covid-19. “The city’s health teams have not stopped vaccinating a day since the beginning of the campaign,” he added.

Photo: Alina Souza