Rolling Stones Honor Charlie Watts

Photo: Publicity / Decca / Modern Popcorn

The Rolling Stones honored Charlie Watts with a video that brings together several moments of the drummer from over half a century of rock’n’roll. Died last Tuesday (8/24), the 80-year-old musician had already announced his departure from the band to take care of health problems.

At first, the other members of the band remained silent under the impact of the loss. He was the last musician from the original lineup to join the band, leaving Blues Incorporated’s concerts for a new musical project by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones and Bill Wyman in 1963, dubbed The Rolling Stones in honor of a blues of Muddy Waters.

The track that accompanies the video posted on social media is “If You Can’t Rock Me”, which opens the 1974 album “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll”, when Mick Taylor was part of the band, taking over Brian’s guitars Jones, first Stone to perform in another dimension.

With Watts’ death and Wyman’s retirement in 1993, only Jagger and Richards remain, the main songwriters of the Stones’ classical lineup. And they don’t think about stopping. They had even closed with a replacement drummer, before Watts’ death, to carry out a new tour with guitarist Ron Wood, who has been in the band since 1975, and bassist Darryl Jones, who replaced Wyman in 1993.

Despite Watts’ death, the tour is held. Called “No Filter”, it will have 12 performances in the United States. The premiere is scheduled for Sept. 26 in St. Loui, Missouri, and the closing in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 11.